Practice Enjoying Just One

It’s natural to want more of something you’re enjoying. And yet it’s worth cultivating the ability to “savor and then stop.” For example, I REALLY enjoy my morning cup of coffee. I usually drink it out on the front porch (weather permitting), listening to the birds. That 20 minutes is one of my favorite parts of the whole day.

Often, as I’m getting near the end of my cup, I have the urge to make a second cup. To extend the pleasure for a few more minutes. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with not giving in to this urge.

I drink my coffee black, so it’s not like I save any calories by skipping the second cup. But I realize that it’s the same mental habit that leads me to pour a second glass of wine or eat a second brownie. “This is so good…must have more.”

Skipping that second cup of coffee (which never actually tastes as good as the first, anyway) is a way of reinforcing a different habit: enjoying just one of something to the last crumb or drop and then moving on to the next activity–which, in this case, is my morning walk. Win/Win.